Delivering Results – from the Store to the C-Suite

“What really differentiates HeadCount from everybody else is their expertise and their white glove service which is truly unique in a market of commoditization of service.  HeadCount is a founding partner in our GameStop Technology Institute — it’s the technology incubator we designed to drive company growth.”

Jeff Donaldson, Executive Director, GameStop Technology Institute.
Gamestop Traffic and Conversion Case Study

“HeadCount brought the reporting alive through teleconferences with all the stores. It was a really helpful and insightful introduction of what was going to come from our relationship with HeadCount. We could tell Headcount was going to be a great partner, someone we could call on to help us dive in and really look at the results in a whole new way and pull out insights.”

Kevin Thompson, Vice-President, Customer Experience & Development, Barneys New York
Barneys New York Traffic and Conversion Case Study

“We partnered with HeadCount on a rigorous six-month Conversion Improvement Test.  There were so many benefits to working with HeadCount on this program; I can’t imagine not using them.  In the end, they over-delivered and the results  were so compelling we switched from our previous vendor to HeadCount and immediately rolled out the program to more stores.”

Rachel Williamson, Vice-President Store Operations, Justice

“HeadCount’s enthusiasm and energy along with their depth of understanding of the data was superior — and you can’t pretend that kind of enthusiasm.  It’s clear that the team lives, breathes, and loves what they do and that really translated to our folks here.  By the end of HeadCount’s TalkTraffic® web-based training and coaching sessions, staff not only understood the program, but they were passionate about it too.”

Ann Marie Gaouette-Stevenson, Director of Operations, Ten Thousand Villages
Ten Thousand Villages Traffic and Conversion Case Study

“HeadCount has proven to be the ideal partner for tackling conversion challenges with data integrity, passion and leadership, and as much commitment to my program and success as I have…HeadCount offers something that has proven to be absolutely key to the success of my program, yet isn’t available from any other vendors – it’s called Talk Traffic®.” 

Lindsay Gillians, Manager of Retail Customer Experience Solutions, Communications & Services Operations, Staples Canada
Staples Canada Traffic and Conversion Case Study

“If you are looking for something to really improve your business and get engagement with your store managers and district managers, Headcount is the partner to help you do that…HeadCount is exceedingly good at showing people throughout the organization how the data can help them improve performance. They got rave reviews.”

Alex Winiecki, Senior Vice-President Retail, Yankee Candle
Yankee Candle Traffic and Conversion Program Case Study

“The HeadCount reporting is great, but the TalkTraffic review brought it all to life…I really get this stuff now!”

District Manager, Apparel Retailer

“TalkTraffic helped me understand what influences conversion in my store – thanks!”

Store Manager, Consumer Electronics Retailer

“With HeadCount reporting I’m better prepared for events & flyers. Evaluating every opportunity, ordering properly.”

Store Manager, General Merchandise Retailer

“The analysis helped us base decisions on fact rather than intuition.”

Director of Operations, Office Supply Retailer

“Traffic analysis has taken the opinion out of decision making and allowed me to hold managers responsible for their results…while allowing me to make better marketing choices.”

Director Sales & Marketing, Consumer Electronics Retailer

“I was skeptical at first, but the traffic and conversion analytics from HeadCount gives us a whole new perspective on store performance.”

CEO, Sporting Goods Retailer

“Working with the team at HeadCount and the data it provides has meant bottom-line results for our stores. Our managers are looking at their businesses with more confidence to deliver what matters most: the right staff with the right skills at the right time.”

VP Retail Operations, General Merchandise Retailer

“The traffic and conversion analysis HeadCount provides has been invaluable.”

President, Furniture Retailer

“We see conversion and traffic analysis as a vital component in our retail strategy. It is measureable, controllable and can help us deliver the results we are looking for in driving sales and increasing productivity. HeadCount has been a key partner for us and their support and analysis has allowed us to gain true insights as to where our opportunities exist.”

General Manager Retail Division, Specialty Gift Retailer

“We are constantly striving to offer an exceptional experience to our customer and that means measuring our effectiveness and looking for new opportunities, the analysis and information we receive from HeadCount helps us do that.”

President, Mattress Retailer