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Should The Outdoor Industry Welcome Selling On

On August 27, Walmart’s Premium Outdoor Store microsite launched with nearly 50 well-known outdoor brands. “Will it hurt some of the outdoor specialty stores?,” says Mark Ryski, founder and CEO, HeadCount Corp. “Probably, but how is this different than any other category? Ultimately every retailer needs to find their place in the market, and competing against Walmart and Amazon is just part of the market.”  Read the article

Chick-Fil-A Pioneers Meal Kits For Fast-Feeders

“The meal kit business is becoming very crowded and I wonder about the long-term sustainability for many of the players in the space,” wrote Mark Ryski, CEO of The HeadCount Corporation. “While Chick-fil-A brings a slightly new twist to the meal kit market, I don’t see this changing the category dynamics.”  Read the article

How to Improve Your Customer Conversion Rate

Today many brick-and-mortar retailers track store traffic and measure conversion, but the question is what they actually do to optimize their in-store conversion rates. The answer for many is not much. Learn more about the critical difference between Tracking Conversion versus Optimizing Conversion. Read the article

Cycle Gear in high gear with new traffic & conversion program

Cycle Gear, a specialty retailer of motorcycle parts and apparel with 140 stores in 38 states, is on a roll, hitting its goals, growing and opening new locations. The company is demonstrating how to increase comp sales quarter after quarter — all while keeping wage budgets in line.  Read the article

CASE STUDY: Cycle Gear Finds a New Gear with Traffic and Conversion Program

Despite tough headlines for many of the industry’s biggest retailers, one specialty retailer is bucking the trend in an industry plagued by indecision and distraction. It didn’t take long to see results. Just five months after the official launch of their new conversion program, Cycle Gear was already seeing great comp results, and by the end of the year, the company had their best Black Friday ever.  Read the article

What does Amazon see in Sears?

A recent deal with the e-com merce giant sent Sears’ stock price soaring by nearly 20%, but critics are skeptical about whether it will be a saving grace.  Mark Ryski, Author, CEO & Founder of HeadCount Corporation describes the move as one of  “desperation”. “After everything Sears has been through (and continues to go through) it’s hard to see how this is anything but a Lampert lark.”  Read the article

Retail’s Other Problem: Too Few Clerks in the Store

Many of America’s biggest retailers, under assault from Inc., have been slashing staff even faster than they have been closing stores, a dynamic that has left fewer clerks and longer checkout lines at remaining locations. Mark Ryski, Author, CEO & Founder of HeadCount Corporation contributes to an important Wall Street Journal article on why retailers should stop slashing staff and how critical it is to be staffing to traffic not sales transactions.  Read the full article: Retail’s Other Problem -Too Few Clerks in the Store or visit the WSJ web site.