Why HeadCount?

Traffic Counters & Reliable Data

Having clean, reliable traffic data is critical. If managers don’t believe the data, they will never action it. We can work with your existing traffic data or provide state-of-the-art traffic counters.

Managing traffic counters and count data can be a pain. Questionable counts or missing counts, can wreak havoc on your reporting and erode you and your managers’ confidence in the data. Confidence is critical.

At HeadCount, we make your traffic count data pain go-away. We watch your data like a hawk. Traffic count data validation is a big part of what we do. If there’s an issue, we chase it down and get it resolved – fast.

If you don’t have traffic counters in your stores, we will provide the best-in-class traffic counting technology, including installation, ongoing maintenance and support.

We also work with retailers who already have traffic counters installed, but are looking to get more out of their data. In this case, you simply send us your data, and we do the rest.