Why HeadCount?

Turning Insights into Results

Charts, graphs and reports alone won’t produce better in-store results. Managers need to understand what the insights mean and how to action them.

TalkTraffic is a unique coaching and briefing program designed to help managers at all levels in your organization make the most of the traffic and conversion insights we deliver.

We don’t try to turn retail managers into data analysts, but rather help them understand what the data means, how to interpret and ultimately action the insights.

As part of our service, we’ll develop a TalkTraffic program suited to your unique needs. We know time is precious, so we conduct periodic TalkTraffic briefings via the Web – a practical and efficient way to get the message out across your entire chain.

In addition to the TalkTraffic briefings via the web, we also deliver live presentations at your Manager’s conferences and meetings. And, we’ll even provide special results review presentations for your executive team – it’s all included in the service.

At HeadCount, we’re here to help your managers deliver better results, and TalkTraffic is a proven way to do it

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