COVID 19 changed shopping forever.

When COVID Hit – shopping as we knew it changed forever. The pandemic is still unfolding but there are critical lessons and learnings already from this historic event.

We’ve broken down the learnings into 9 lessons and 24 takeaways – important actions all retailers can and must take to navigate the pandemic and successfully transition past it.

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Mark Ryski

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9 Critical Lessons the Pandemic Taught Retailers

Lesson 1

Store Traffic is a Precious Non-Renewable Resource

Lesson 2

BOPIS & Curbside Messed with Traffic and Conversion

9 lessons and 24 key takeaways.

All retailers must heed these lessons to successfully navigate the current pandemic and get ready for what comes next.


Lesson 3

Safety Protocols Created Traffic & Conversion Barriers

Lesson 4

Performance Metrics & Forecasts Became Obsolete

Lesson 5

Staff Scheduling & Store Experience Became Unmanageable

Lesson 6

Selling Took a Backseat & New Tasks Dominated

Lesson 7

Retailers Must Track Store Operating Days

Lesson 8

Retailers Need to Make Sales Even When the Store is Closed

Lesson 9

Flexibility & Adaptability are Critical Survival Skill

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