How can shoppers be slipping out the door without purchases when it is such an effort to shop in the first place?

Learn 9 Lessons The Pandemic Taught Us

How can shoppers be slipping out the door without purchases when it is such an effort to shop in the first place?

Learn 9 Lessons The Pandemic Taught Us

Retailers have always known that retail store foot traffic is precious.

It costs untold millions of dollars worth of promotions and marketing to get customers through the door in the first place. After such costly persuasion, wanting to turn the maximum number of shoppers into buyers is not surprising or new.

What IS new is having to entice shoppers to don a mask and venture into their stores in the middle of a two-year pandemic. It is also new to be forced to restrict the number of shoppers that can be in the store at a given time – even if they want to be.

How do you drive sales in the midst of those unprecedented COVID challenges?

It goes without saying that no retailer would want to take the risk of not making every visit count and just stand by, watching shoppers slip out the door with no purchases. But, that’s exactly what’s happening.

With so many competing priorities and ever-changing challenges, it’s easy to forsake the basics. There is no doubt that retail has become increasing complex. But many much-needed answers are found in a deceptively simple traffic count. Even the most sophisticated retail business intelligence solutions all start when someone finally asks “shouldn’t we know how many customers are coming into our stores?”

“Even though the pandemic is still unfolding, we’ve learned many invaluable lessons for retail over the last 24 months.”

Mark Ryski

Author, CEO & Founder
HeadCount Corporation

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Learn 9 Lessons The Pandemic Taught Us

HeadCount is the recognized expert in data analytics in the retail industry.

HeadCount has been working with retailers for more than 20 years to help them turn retail store foot traffic into insights that drive better sales results.

What sets us apart is our ability to work with our customers to identify what matters most to them in terms of advanced analytics and then present easy-to-apply insights through their own suite of customized automated reporting.

We work with clients who already have traffic data and still need more from their retail analytics and those who don’t yet have retail traffic counters and don’t even know where to begin.

With another wave of restrictions on the way and uncertainty our new normal, HeadCount is here to help retailers maximize sales at every opportunity.

And to do that, retailers first need to know how much opportunity they have and when shoppers are standing right in their store, every hour of every day.

9 lessons and 24 key takeaways.

All retailers must heed these lessons to successfully navigate the current pandemic and get ready for what comes next.