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Do You Really Need to Drive More Prospects into Your Store?

The single best opportunity to grow your business is to convert more of your prospects. In Mark Ryski’s excellent book, “Conversion: The Last Great Retail Metric,” he wrote: “Sales results are not a reliable proxy for customer experience, but customer conversion rate is. In fact, conversion rate is an excellent proxy for customer experience.” Read the article

June 18, 2019|

Ex-Snapchat And Quidsi Execs Launch Verishop To Bring ‘Joy Back To Shopping’

Verishop, which features curated collections of men’s and women’s clothing, home and beauty products, offers free two-day shipping with no minimum purchase and free returns. “Curation and customer service are hard to scale effectively,” said Mark Ryski, founder and CEO of Headcount Corporation. “The online retail market is enormous and growing, so a solid online offering may gain some traction, but to grow this into something significant requires getting eyeballs to the site. And herein lies the biggest challenge for Verishop — breaking through in an online sea of alternatives.” Read the article

June 18, 2019|

The Flagship Is Sinking: Why Retailers Are Closing More Of Their Priciest Stores

Flagships have long been considered a key part of any retail brand — and the type of offering considered well-equipped to survive the e-commerce blitz. But a series of major closures this year has many grappling with how these costly flagship stores should be reshaped for retail’s new world order. “When these big brands start to close down flagships … it really begs the question of what else what might be going on,” said Author Mark Ryski, the founder and CEO of Headcount Corp., a retail analytics company. “The advantages of having a flagship … is to really put forward to your best offering, your best service experience.” Read the article

June 3, 2019|

Lands’ End to take final steps away from Sears

Lands’ End to take final steps away from Sears as the apparel retailer exits store-within-a-store locations. “My only question is why it took Lands’ End management so long to extricate themselves from Sears,” says Mark Ryski, Author, CEO & Founder of HeadCount Corporation. “Lands’ End has a following and still reasonable brand equity, notwithstanding the historical challenges it’s faced. Lands’ End is on the right track: 1.) get out of Sears, 2.) continue to build out its online business, including third-party marketplaces and 3.) open stores slowly and carefully — don’t overbuild.” Read the article

May 29, 2019|

How to Improve Your Customer Conversion Rate

Just because you have a system to collect traffic data doesn’t mean it gets used or the insights applied in a way that leads to a measurable improvement in business results. “While I’m not suggesting that LP should be responsible for delivering results—clearly this is the domain of store operations—I do believe that LP can play an important role in bringing new ideas to leaders of the teams that do. Customer conversion rate optimization is one of these ideas,” says Mark Ryski, Author, CEO & Founder of HeadCount Corporation. Read the article

May 1, 2019|

Giant Foods Mans Stores With 6-Foot-Tall Robots

Nearly 500 robots will be deployed across the Giant Foods and Stop & Shop chains. “The biggest barrier to seeing robots on the selling floor in the short-term will be the cost to deploy and maintain this equipment,” says Mark Ryski, Author, CEO & Founder of HeadCount Corporation. “This is only the start. Over time, I expect these robots will be used for many other tasks including product location and even basic customer service.” Read the article

January 22, 2019|

What It Means When Retailers Close Their NYC Flagships

“Notwithstanding the additional value flagships provide, the underlying financial realities of these retailers also needs to be weighed — flagships, by definition, are high value assets and if the flagship store is significantly unprofitable, the motivation to sell these sites and close the stores will be strong,” says Mark Ryski, Author, CEO & Founder of HeadCount Corporation. “Ultimately, I believe that closing a flagship — and especially the stores noted in the article — should be a very last resort. The fact that these retailers have made the decision to do so is very telling of what shape their businesses are actually in.” Read the article

January 1, 2019|

Is Kroger Following The Sears Recipe For Disaster?

“Sears’ situation is very different,” says Mark Ryski, Author, CEO & Founder of HeadCount Corporation. “As one of the most progressive grocery retailers, Kroger is looking to the future and seeing that digital will be critical to success. It’s not surprising that, in the short-term, this may appear to be myopically focused on digital to the detriment of physical stores, but I doubt that leadership at Kroger is confused about the importance physical stores play in their future.” Read the article

December 18, 2018|

Coming to a City Near You: Ikea, New and (maybe) Improved

The furniture retailer is opening 30 small-store concepts in urban areas and refocusing e-commerce and delivery efforts. Will that lure millennials? “Even the most successful retailers need to disrupt themselves occasionally, and Ikea is a good example,” says Mark Ryski, Author, CEO & Founder of HeadCount Corporation.  “The move to smaller, city-center stores and focusing on online makes good sense. Ikea’s product offering is very compatible with the urban dweller, so smaller stores where these shoppers live makes good sense.” Read the article

November 28, 2018|

Should The Outdoor Industry Welcome Selling On

On August 27, Walmart’s Premium Outdoor Store microsite launched with nearly 50 well-known outdoor brands. “Will it hurt some of the outdoor specialty stores?,” says Mark Ryski, founder and CEO, HeadCount Corp. “Probably, but how is this different than any other category? Ultimately every retailer needs to find their place in the market, and competing against Walmart and Amazon is just part of the market.”  Read the article

September 17, 2018|

“Retailers Ready to Fight for Black Friday Customers” — Las Vegas Review Journal

“The sad reality is that many retailers squander this precious day by being ill-prepared and even worse, if they don’t have store traffic and conversion data, they won’t even know had bad they missed,” retail analytics expert Mark Ryski said. Read the article

November 10, 2011|

“Guest blog: Five Ways to Drive Customer Conversion Rates” — the Toy Book

“Everyday people visit your stores with the intent to buy, but leave without making a purchase. Getting your store to capture even a few more of these lost sales can have a significant impact on your store’s overall result.” Read the article

August 2, 2011|
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