Leadership at Dollar General and Trader Joe’s understands that associates can’t stock shelves and serve customers in stores if they are out of work because they’ve joined the growing list of Americans (23.3 million and counting) who have contracted COVID-19. That’s why the retailers are offering to pay employees to get vaccinated against the virus.

While 60 percent of Americans plan to be vaccinated against COVID-19, according to a new Axios-Ipsos poll, many others are either on the fence or not planning to immunize themselves.

There has been reluctance, even outright rejection, across elements of the population for historical, philosophical and political reasons.

RetailWire Discussion: How likely are compensation offers like those from Dollar General and Trader Joe’s to raise COVID-19 vaccine compliance among workers? How should retailers manage employees who refuse to be immunized? Do you think the American Rescue Plan, if enacted as proposed, will prove a boost for the retailing industry? Join the discussion at retailwire.com.

“Given the public concern about vaccinations, the Dollar General approach makes good sense. Offering incentives to employees for taking the vaccine will certainly encourage more employees to get vaccinated.

Employees do have the right to decline – and that is their prerogative – however, these employees must continue to strictly follow health and safety protocols that are already in place.

This is not a perfect solution, but the more people that get vaccinated the better. I believe the additional stimulus announced will provide at least a short-term boost to retailing and the economy in general, which will provide more time for vaccinations to occur and the pandemic to subside.”

Mark Ryski

Author, CEO & Founder HeadCount Corporation