Our mission is to help businesses turn visitor traffic data into meaningful insights and better results.

There are many ways visitor traffic analytics can profoundly transform your business. Our team at HeadCount will help you get up and running quickly and leveraging your insights consistently.
Working with retailers, we turn store traffic & conversion data into better sales results If you already have traffic counters in your stores, we can help you get more out of the data. If you haven’t yet installed traffic counters, we can provide everything you’ll need.

Who we work with

International. HeadCount is proud to serve clients in 26 countries and has been working with customers for more than 20 years to help them drive better results with traffic analytics.

Brick-and-mortar. In particular, we have unparalleled experience working with brick-and-mortar retailers. In fact, HeadCount’s CEO & Founder Mark Ryski has authored two books that have become the definitive guidebooks on retail traffic and conversion analytics.

Non-Retailers. In addition to working with brick-and-mortar retailers, HeadCount provides services and expertise to casinos, banks, gyms, libraries, churches, family entertainment centers, private clubs …wherever insights about traffic and visitation can be leveraged to drive business or improve customer service.

Industry Partners. So many critical industry insights must be based on accurate reliable traffic data and conversion analytics. For this reason, we work with other leading service providers and consultants who serve retail clients in a complementary manner to HeadCount.

How we work

Curated Insights. Based on our experience working with thousands of clients, we bring an informed perspective and a  set of best practices on how to curate traffic insights into powerful reporting that is customized for every management level in your organization.

Automated Delivery. Our reporting is easy to understand, powerful, and delivered efficiently into the hands of your leaders every morning so you can start your day understanding your numbers, asking informed questions, and measuring impact.

Business Focus. Our work starts with us thoroughly understanding the business questions you are trying to answer before moving on recommending technology and reporting solutions that would work best for you.

Proven. We apply proven approaches and best practices to curate visitor traffic insights to your reporting suite and also provide detailed shopper conversion sights for our retail clients.

Why businesses work with us

Credibility. In addition to HeadCount’s more than 20 years working with a wide-range of clients in 26 countries, our CEO & Founder Mark Ryski is the recognized expert in visitor traffic and brick-and-mortar retail shopper conversion analytics.

Reliable Technology. HeadCount is not a manufacturer of traffic counters, therefore we are able to undertake objective, unbiased tests and reviews of available traffic counting hardware on the market.

Data Accuracy. We don’t install your cameras and then leave you on your own. HeadCount expert technicians calibrate and audit all traffic counters before releasing any data. We will continually monitor your data to ensure accuracy is maintained.

Experience and Flexibility. Although we bring experience and proven approaches to the table so you can get up and running quickly and with confidence, we also understand every customer is truly unique and can adjust our services to serve your specific business requirements.

CEO & Founder

Mark Ryski

Vision & History

As the driving force behind HeadCount and the leading industry voice for the use of brick-and-mortar store traffic and shopper conversion analytics, Mark’s vision is clear: help brick-and-mortar retailers perform better — for their shareholders, their employees and most importantly, their shoppers. Mark first founded HeadCount in 1994 as a small sideline while finishing college. He was working as the marketing manager for a retailer and was trying to figure out if his advertising was working, and that’s when he discovered the power of store traffic data – the rest is history. The journey has taken Mark to the boardrooms of some of the largest, most successful retailers in North America and beyond.

HeadCount CEO & Founder Mark Ryski is retail’s most recognized retail traffic expert

Widely regarded as a thought-leader in the field of traffic and conversion analytics, he and his team are developing new and innovative techniques for extracting powerful insights from basic store traffic and customer conversion data. Mark literally wrote the book on brick-and-mortar store traffic and shopper conversion theory — two books actually. Widely considered reference guides for the retail industry. Mark’s articles and commentary continue to be widely covered in retail and business media such as Forbes and the Wall Street Journal. Mark is a featured Braintrust commentator on RetailWire — the retail industry’s premier online forum of leading experts.

Executive Team

Exec James 1

James Cummings

Chief Operating Officer

James brings more than 20 years of experience in IT and Operations to lead all of HeadCount’s software and systems development, data security, and data portal/app development and maintenance. Working with HeadCount’s team of experts in data analysis and report development, James oversees quality control, process excellence, and all customer service and product delivery. Working with his technical division, James also leads all customer installations and technology implementation and undertakes objective, unbiased tests and reviews of available traffic counting hardware on the market, advanced feature capabilities, and client applications of technology solutions.

Exec Don 1

Don Anderson, MBA

CFO & Chief Administration Officer

Don leads all financial and administration efforts at HeadCount including establishing all contract and billing solutions to meet the needs of HeadCount’s international clients from 26 countries around the world. As part of the executive team charged with determining HeadCount’s strategic vision to best meet the needs of the current and evolving retail market, Don brings three decades of experience to the table from leading finance strategy for start-up and enterprise-class businesses, to product development and research, to providing enterprise-class client consulting and service development honed from his time at Booz Allen & Hamilton.

Board of Directors

Dan Finkelman 2021

Daniel Finkelman
Chairman of the Board
Managing Partner, Mulberry Street Consulting, LLC

Bruce Johnson 2021

Bruce Johnson
Executive Chairman & Co-CEO, Vertical City
Former President, Intuit Canada

Paul McElhone 2021

Paul McElhone, PhD
Advisory Board Member Massachusetts Institute of Technology Reap Program, Guangzhou China

Doug Bell 2021

Douglas Bell
President, Megacy Investment
Management Ltd.

Bruce Alton 2021

Bruce Alton
Techstars All-Star Mentor