It all starts when someone asks the question: “shouldn’t we know how many customers are coming in our stores?”

There is a whirlwind of activity as you start evaluating what traffic counter you should get, budgeting for the capital expenditure, and working out how all the installations will roll out on schedule.

We’ve seen it many times. Yet, shockingly despite the investment, no one has asked the most important questions.

  • What happens after the installations?
  • How will we make sense of all this data?
  • How will I manage this on top of everything else I already do?
  • How is it really going to help us?

And that is what sets HeadCount apart.

Yes, we procure, install, and calibrate your traffic counters to ensure you have an accurate count. But that’s just where it all starts. We then provide you the best ongoing service and support in the industry so you have both peace of mind and incredible insights. Don’t try to figure out how to scale your new traffic program on your own.

HeadCount is the only full-service traffic and conversion analytics company staffed with analytics experts as committed to getting the most out of your data and your investment as you are. We take the complexity out of your data, making it easy for managers at every level to extract the precise insight they need to drive sales — all in just a few minutes a day.

“Surprisingly, a lot of our work still starts with retailers pricing out traffic counters before they fully understand how they will leverage the data — we help them elevate the project to the strategic priority it should be, rather than leaving it as merely an exercise in technology procurement.”

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Mark Ryski

Author, CEO & Founder HeadCount Corporation

Technology Recommendations

HeadCount is not a manufacturer of traffic counters, therefore we are able to undertake objective, unbiased tests and reviews of available traffic counting hardware on the market.

If you already have traffic counters and would like us to perform an objective audit of your data or assess if the traffic counters and/or features you have implemented are right for you, contact us for an objective evaluation.

Installation & Calibration

HeadCount has a proven traffic counter installation process perfected over thousands of complex projects. Our expert technicians will install, calibrate, and ensure that the traffic counters are properly functioning at all times. This is a critical step that buyers should not take for granted. Usually when we take over existing traffic counters some our new clients may already have, fixing inaccurate calibration and imprecise camera installations is our first order of business.

Data Hygiene 

Once traffic counting cameras are calibrated properly, the accuracy levels need to be maintained. For almost 20 years, data analysts at HeadCount have been designing and refining tools and techniques for identifying and correcting anomalous data . Data hygiene is part of our core service. Notwithstanding what is sometimes ‘sold’ to clients, you can’t set up your traffic counters once and then never monitor, audit, or re-calibrate them again. Clean, reliable data is the foundation of HeadCount’s service.

“What really differentiates HeadCount from everybody else is their expertise and their white glove service which is truly unique in a market of commoditization of service. HeadCount is a founding partner in our GameStop Technology Institute — it’s the technology incubator we designed to drive company growth.”

Jeff Donaldson, (former) Executive Director, GAMESTOP TECHNOLOGY INSTITUTE

Insight Curation 

We don’t just sell traffic counters. Our mission is to help retailers turn traffic and conversion insights into better sales results. We build decades of industry leading expertise into every table and chart we give you. No other traffic vendor has this expertise.

Led by author and leading industry commentator Mark Ryski, our teams of analysts, report developers, and experts help you make the most of your traffic and conversion analytics.

Automated Reporting

We believe your field teams and executives need critical insights about the business curated and customized for them, delivered to their in-box every morning, with report design based on two decades of best-practices and traffic and conversion expertise.

We embed training right onto the report to ensure that every manager knows how to quickly read and apply the insights quickly and easily.

Custom Reporting

Sometimes a request for new insights to be incorporated into custom reporting follows an Advanced Analytics study. Customized reporting beyond their core reporting packages are scoped and produced specifically for each client.

Our customized reporting includes pre-set curated insights as well as interactive reports that clients can filter and analyze as needed.

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Curious about our services?

Find out how we can help you and your teams understand your business by looking through the powerful lens of traffic data – the data of opportunity.

Advanced Analytics

HeadCount’s advanced analytic services are all customized for our clients. We regularly work with retail executives and internal data analytics teams to undertake specific studies leveraging traffic and conversion data. If you have a question about your business, it’s very likely that the traffic data you already have can be analyzed and/or combined with other data to unlock incredible insights about your business.

Executive Consultation

Often clients request that we provide group kick-off presentations with retail leaders — from executives, regional vice-presidents and district managers to store managers. These kick-off presentations set the tone for a new approach to store performance and revenue growth — a focus on a conversion culture. It’s important that everyone understands the value of traffic and conversion analytics, and how best to apply all the curated insights from the new reporting. The goal is to inspire, educate, and create momentum that the corporate executives and field leaders will maintain and cascade to their store teams on a regular basis.

Beyond kick-off presentations, executive consultations often include preparing for earnings calls or planning sessions, evaluating new programs and initiatives, understanding business results from within a traffic and conversion context.

Tap into your gold mine of traffic data

You wish you had ongoing quick insights to drive field-level performance in your stores. And you hunger for an in-depth understanding of the drivers that would have the biggest impact on your success. We have curated insights and reporting that will deliver insights to transform your retail business.

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