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The toy store and play studio, called Toyish Lab, opened in the borough’s Clinton Hill neighborhood earlier this week, according to an AM New York report.

The studio is built around playing with the brand’s flagship product, a flexible magnetic toy called Clixio, which can be folded and connected to make creative three-dimensional structures.

The play area features a magnetic wall where kids can hang their completed structures and modular pedestals for individual play.

In the interest of safety, visitors must sign a contact-tracing waver, wear masks and practice social distancing at all times. Small-group walk-ins are welcome, but people are encouraged to book in advance.

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“Given the current trajectory of the pandemic, the timing of this initiative is terrible.

For many parents, just sending kids to school is challenging enough, a play date in an environment like this seems a bit reckless. You can build it, but it doesn’t mean people will come and that’s what I believe will happen as long as the pandemic is spreading unabated as it is now.”

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