Wherever insights about traffic and visitation can be leveraged to drive business or improve customer service that’s where we can help.

Every business is different, but understanding traffic counts will dramatically transform how well you understand and manage yours. In addition to working with brick-and-mortar retailers, HeadCount provides services and expertise to non-retail clients including casinos, banks, gyms, private clubs, libraries, churches, family entertainment centers, and washroom cleaning businesses.

Questions we have helped non-retail clients answer with traffic include:

  • When is the best time to schedule cleaning of our washrooms or public buildings based on number of visitors?
  • How well attended are our church or ministry services?
  • How busy is my casino and what areas have the most customers?
  • What hours are my family entertainment center the busiest? How does that change by day of week?
  • What is the real-time occupancy in our library? And how busy is our special children’s areas throughout the day?

Traffic data is definitely not just for retailers. The list of questions could go on. If you have visitors, members, or guests, understanding your visitation could improve your customer service, revenue, profitability … or all three!

“When I started this business 20 years ago, I worked exclusively with retailers. Now our clients casinos, banks, gyms, private clubs, libraries, churches, family entertainment centers and even airport washrooms.”

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Mark Ryski

Author, CEO & Founder HeadCount Corporation

Understanding Visitation

  • How many customers are visiting my business?
  • What day of week is the busiest? Is it the same every week? Is it the same day in all the locations in my business?
  • How much of my traffic is kids versus adults? How does that vary by day of week?
  • How do my visitor traffic trends compare to other locations?

Improving Scheduling

  • Do I have my labor scheduled according to visitors?
  • Am I over or under staffing?
  • Am I guessing when my locations are busiest or do I have data?
  • How could I improve customer service even with limited staff budgets by matching my staffing levels to when my visitors are in my location?

Evaluating Promotions

  • Did my promotions drive up visitor counts? By how much?
  • How do promotional activities compare?
  • How can I use this data to forecast my next promotional event and be better prepared?
  • How does my revenue per visitor compare to all other locations?

Revenue Generation

  • What’s the value of a visitor?
  • How much should I invest to drive more visitors?
  • Which activities generate the most revenue per visitor?
  • When am I able to drive up revenue per visitor?

Automated Reporting

  • Daily dashboards showing performance metrics sent to your inbox every morning.
  • Roll-up views to quickly assess multiple locations or entrances.
  • Trend reports that show how visitation patterns change over time.

Advanced Analytics

  • Discrete studies to answer specific, detailed questions about your business.
  • Analysis of your existing data with new traffic data for detailed and customer visitation insights.
  • Incorporation of additional technology or data streams for additional analysis.
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How can traffic help your business?

If you have any kind of business that has visitors, members, or guests, you likely catch yourself wondering how busy you actually are throughout the day and how that compares over time. You worry about whether or not you are staffing efficiently to provide excellent customer service.

Submit the questions you are trying to answer and one of our HeadCount experts will get back to you with practical suggestions on how traffic might answer your most perplexing questions.