Despite the significant payback of traffic counters, getting the investment right can feel overwhelming especially when it comes to deciding what you really need.

  • Which traffic counter is the best?
  • How will you make sure the count is accurate….and stays that way?
  • Wi-Fi counters seem a lot cheaper – are they accurate?
  • What about all the extra features — heat mapping, dwell, queue…what is the use case? Are they worth it?

HeadCount is not a manufacturer of traffic counters, therefore we are able to undertake objective, unbiased tests and reviews of available traffic counting hardware on the market. We continue to utilize the FLIR Bricktream 3D Gen 2 camera as our de facto standard, due to its accuracy, reliability and adaptability to a broad range of traffic counting environments.

As a FLIR® Bricktream Platinum Partner, we have the demonstrated expertise you need to be assured your technology is set up accurately and it stays that way. And, as a Platinum Partner, we also have preferred pricing from FLIR® that we will pass along to you.

Technology Assets

Proven, Best-in Class Technology

Having been in the market for more than 20 years, Brickstream has proven the accuracy of their traffic counting algorithms in more than 300,000 installations. Brickstream continues to build on previous traffic camera versions for even more robust and reliable technology advancements.

Anticipated Life 

Brickstream sensors have documented Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) of 10 years. Other competitive products that have less time on the market cannot demonstrate similar long-term performance. HeadCount has conducted extensive evaluations of client installations. The investment you make in Brickstream traffic counters will prove out the test of time.

Flexible, Open System

Unlike competitors’ products that are proprietary, closed systems, unable to connect to reporting systems designed by anyone else, Brickstream sensors can stream traffic data to any reporting systems using industry standard formats such as csv and xml.

“An important part of setting team goals is setting them based on data everyone trusts. The integrity of the data has been heartfelt. We all know there’s a team of experts on the other side doing the analytics.” 

Rodger O'Keefe, VP Store Operations, CYCLE GEAR

“Before HeadCount, we were already tracking traffic in some of our stores and managers had access to all the data. Yet nobody was really using it. In fact, some stores’ traffic counters were malfunctioning and it had been that way for years.”

Kevin Thompson, (former) VP Customer Experience, BARNEYS NEW YORK

“It’s an investment I’d do 10 out of 10 times for sure. After just a few short months, we were already seeing it as a great investment. We are still in the infancy  of understanding the true potential of HeadCount and are still growing with the program.”

Rodger O'Keefe, VP Store Operations, CYCLE GEAR

“All our equipment from a previous vendor had to be switched out. In short order, HeadCount had a benchmark established from the data to help understand where the previous gaps were when data integrity was an issue. They made sure that the data at every individual location was valid.”

Lindsay Gillians, Manager Retail Customer Experience, STAPLES CANADA

“If we have a question about the data we get an answer from HeadCount quickly. Before with our other vendor, we could have a broken counter and they really didn’t know what was happening.”

Rodger O'Keefe, VP Store Operations, CYCLE GEAR

“There’s real ownership by all the managers and it is never about the accuracy of the count. I’ve never heard ‘my counter’s wrong’. It’s always ‘conversion was down yesterday, what were we seeing?’”

Rodger O'Keefe, VP Store Operations, CYCLE GEAR

“This is some really high tech stuff. Once I saw firsthand how accurate the camera was I thought it was awesome. I was excited about the great information and consistent data that would be available across the board.”

Rodger O'Keefe, VP Store Operations, CYCLE GEAR

“The accuracy of the technology eliminates any grey areas and helps cut to the real results. I can’t stress enough how important it is to have the real data. The numbers don’t lie.”

Morgan Fisher, District Manager , CYCLE GEAR

Complex Counting Environments

The Brickstream® 3D traffic counter is a self-contained intelligent video sensor with advanced count line definition. They are capable of directional counting (counts ‘in’ movements only). They can exclude counts from children & strollers. The dual lens offers improved handling of aberrant conditions including reflections, and visitors who stand still for an inordinate amount of time by the door.

Advanced Features

The FLIR® Brickstream 3D Gen 2 traffic counters have advanced capability for staff elimination, dwell, queue, and zone analysis . Advanced capabilities can be activated at any time – but can be tricky to assess. HeadCount experts are available to assist in understanding the full capabilities of the traffic cameras and we also help you assess the business case for adopting any of the advanced capabilities before undertaking the expense of implementation.

Data You Can Trust

The biggest decisions often hinge on the smallest data point. By starting off with the best traffic counting technology available, retailers can establish trust in their data.

Read more in our detailed use case that explains why HeadCount installs FLIR Brickstream 3D video traffic cameras.

Data Portal + Feeds

HeadCount provides an automated data feed back to our clients so you can import data into other BI systems as required or have full flexibility to analyze the raw data as needed. Our Data Portal enables our clients to conduct custom searches on specific date ranges, and roll up to chain or district views or drill down into store details.