Not every retailer is sold on curbside pickup

At RetailROI SuperFriday just before the NRF Big Show, a retailer roundtable hosted by Aptos discussed some of the trends that emerged in retail in 2020 and which ones appear to have staying power.

Curbside pickup was among the topics discussed. Retailers had mixed opinions on curbside beyond the pandemic. For some, curbside and BOPIS helped increase average order value and prevent issues with delivery. For others, it was not a huge draw for customers or was too complicated to coordinate with closed stores.

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“Curbside and other delivery options are here to stay. Many consumers discovered the convenience of these new services and demand will continue past this pandemic. As noted, not all retailers were able to execute these services efficiently or effectively, but those who did/do will continue to have an edge.

One of the biggest impacts from the pandemic that I don’t believe will be permanent are the myriad cleaning and hygiene protocols that store staff are subjected to. As the pandemic is brought under control, I’m hopeful store staff and can get back to serving customers.”

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Mark Ryski

Author, CEO & Founder HeadCount Corporation